7 Reasons Why You Must Visit The Exploratorium in San Francisco

7 Reasons Why You Must Visit The Exploratorium in San Francisco

exploratorium san francisco kids

On our first week in San Francisco, we decided to visit the Exploratorium. Here are the reasons why you should, too:

Exploratorium Find Passion

  1. Go to places where you will spark passions. Recently, my son mentioned that he would like to invent things when he gets older, be a creator or scientist. Of course, I encourage that kind of thinking. Where in San Francisco do you go to help inspire young minds?

exploratorium sf kids

Exploratorium is definitely a place to take someone looking to find passions that will last a lifetime. And so, we did!

2. Keep young ones curious. I can’t help but remember the words Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish as mentioned by Steve Jobs in his 2005 Stanford University speech. I wish for my kids to remain curious for the rest of their lives. This is the only way they will learn new things.. if they remain open to experience. There are many hands-on exhibits at Exploratorium that will surely keep your little ones curious about life and the world around us. Keep them curious, hungry and foolish!

exploratorium lights

exploratorium talks

exploratorium for kids sf red

3. Learn in a fun way! One of the hashtags I use in social media is #theworldisourclassroom because I believe that learning takes place anywhere and everywhere, especially outside the walls of a common classroom. Exploratorium is an extraordinary venue for learning because of all the child-friendly art and science exhibits that are both playful and educational.

exploratorium kids skeleton

exploratorium mirror

exploratorium colors

4. Get a chance to bond over science! Awaken the inner geek mom or dad in an afternoon of quality time with your kids. I have always loved science as a child and it warms my heart to see the light in my children’s eyes spark when they see science at play!

exploratorium kids show

exploratorium mirrors

exploratorium san francisco bridge view

5. Let loose!  Some of the installations require for you and your child to let loose to immerse yourself in the concepts. What better way to learn, right?

exploratorium music sf

exploratorium lights

6. Dine Al Fresco with birds! Have lunch outdoors at the Seismic Joint cafe and the kids can watch the flocking pigeons. There is nothing more interesting to little ones than animals up close.

exploratorium birds

Tip: You must order the very healthy vegetarian ramen by the famous Chef Sachio Kojima! Superb!

seismic joint exploratorium menu

7. Have picturesque selfies. At the very end of your Exploratorium visit, you will see spectacular views of the Bay Bridge. Take snaps of this magnificent architecture piece against the serene backdrop of the water.

exploratorium bridge view

…And before heading out, see the skateboarders art mobile and take a selfie!

exploratorium sfo


Pier 15
(Embarcadero @ Green St.)
San Francisco, CA 94111


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