Solvang Gardens Lodge

Solvang Gardens Lodge

After our 3 hour road trip from Los Angeles, we were relieved to find a sweet home in Solvang Gardens Lodge.

solvang garden lodge

Located along Alison Road the main street of the quaint Danish-inspired town in Santa Ynez Valley, this eco and child-friendly Inn charms us because of its homey appeal and its open courtyard design so conducive for outdoor play.

solvang gardens lodge foto

solvang gardens lodge bed

Yay for big room cuts! The husband was delighted to find out he can claim the couch with his own TV. He could of course fit in the King sized bed but was just happy to have his own man-cave while I put the kids to sleep.

solvang gardens room

A fireplace is definitely so useful for us who because we aren’t used to winter at all!

solvang gardens room photo

Who doesn’t love a bath tub? For the kids, it is a must! If you want them to spend the excess energy they have before bedtime, a warm bath with bubbles does the trick.

bath tub solvang gardens lodge

Outside, my kids found the garden where they quickly made friends with the neighbors. We found out that they are homeschooled and don’t really do electronic gadgets (I find out they were too young to watch Star Wars). Yay for a childhood unplugged!

solvang garden

They busied themselves for half an hour together doing random things in nature like climbing out of that fence! This game which name I don’t recall is so grounding even for adults!

solvang garden photo

Then I they climb trees, too! It’s amazing to have a wild and free childhood.

solvang gardens lodge eco friendly


293 Alisal Road
Solvang, California, CA 93463, United States

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