A Guide For Parents With Babies Who Are NOT Used To Car Seats

A Guide For Parents With Babies Who Are NOT Used To Car Seats

I fall under the bracket of parents with children who are simply NOT used to car seats. You might be just like me, too! So, here is a post dedicated to parents needing advice on how to manage children resisting this safety transport invention a.k.a miniature torture chamber (Just kidding, but if you are reading this, you get what I mean right?!)

In my family’s recent epic American road trip, we obviously needed to buckle up for safety and so I had to train my 1 year old daughter pronto to sit in a Graco car seat which we had purchased in the neighborhood Target. Yes, there was wailing for about 20 minutes, and then she realized I meant business and she wasn’t going anywhere so she eventually stopped. Want to know what kept her happy in her seat for the rest for the rest of the trip?

baby car seat


  1. Depending on how long your itinerary will be, prepare appropriate healthy snacks and drinks to keep them munching and hydrated. Tummies of kids are much smaller than adults so they do get hungry and thirsty faster than us! (If we remember this we wouldn’t have as many cranky meltdowns…do I hear an AHA moment?!) healthy kid snacksorganic juice for kids in the us
  2. Expect them to make a mess so keep a pack of wipes in the vehicle for easy clean up.
  3. Make sure that you also have a bag of entertaining toys and crafts close to your child in the backseat. I personally am not a fan of electronic media so I packed up small books, crayons, paper, small stuffed toys and the likes to keep my daughter busy for our 6 hour car ride! car seat tips

4. List down games that will keep young minds busy. I like “I SPY” a lot! And so do my kids! car seat for kids

5. Have a kid-friendly music playlist ready that can easily distract. Break into dance and song yourself when needed (LOL!). It works like a charm, I tell you!

Have you got any more tips for me so to apply in my next road trip? Please do share!

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