Kid-Friendly Places to Check Out in Anilao, Batangas

Kid-Friendly Places to Check Out in Anilao, Batangas

What I really mean is places to check in. Anilao is a convenient weekend destination for city dwellers because of its close proximity to Manila. You can get there is 3 hours given that you leave on the right time.

TIP: Make sure you leave before sunrise to beat the traffic in the small towns on the way to Anilao!

Here are our recommendations for kid-friendly places in Anilao, Batangas:

  1. Eagle Point Resort has this really cool baby shark pool. Note that they are rescued from the nets of fishermen and are monitored by the Department of Fisheries until they are released back into the sea.

shark pool anilao batangas

They also have several aviaries with exotic tropical birds. The kids will surely love interacting with and learning about the animals!

eagle point anilao batangas

2. Vivere Azure has a great lounge right by their infinity pool.

vivere azure anilao

There is also a very nice “tree house” hide-out for older kids where they can hang and watch the sea.

vivere azure anilao mabini

3. Le Chevrerie Resort and Spa – A truly luxurious and chic choice. If it is over the budget for you, this amazing 5-star resort can be reserved for special occasions like birthdays!

Le Chevrerie Resort and Spa Anilao

There goes my son, trust that he is first to find something to amuse himself with.

la chevrerie resort anilao mabini

4. Halo Dive Resort has child-friendly staff. I can vouch for this because we recently stayed for a few days while I taught one of their guests yoga classes. My kids were able to enjoy the pool to beat the scorching summer heat during the day.

halo resort anilao batangas

What we enjoyed as a family were the perfect sunset views which we watched from the resort. News has it that they have recently launched their new resort in Secret Bay. We can’t wait to check that out, too!my little globetrotters in anilao

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