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my little globetrotters in lake tahoe

Hello from the Manzanos!

I am Monica a yoga teacher, health advocate, travel blogger and founder of Flow Retreats (www.flowretreats.com). My husband Montri is a Communications and Marketing consultant. One of the things that bind us together is our love for travel which we are obviously passing on to our kids. This blog documents our travels with our little globetrotters, Santi and Maya.

Join us in our small and big adventures around the globe where we recommend kid-friendly places to stay, good eats, activities and more! Follow MyLittleGlobetrotters on Instagram and Facebook. We also created a Facebook Travel Support Group “Our Little Globetrotters”. I hope to hear from you too, fellow wanderlusting folks!



5 Responses to About Us

  1. thanks for the follow 🙂 We love travel too, although with my husbands crazy work schedule we don’t get away as often as we would like! We are heading to Vietnam & Cambodia this year which I am super pumped about!! I look forward to following along withy our adventures 🙂

  2. farzana larney says:

    I’ve got two small kids..and love to travel but have been apprehensive to travel with little ones.Reading your blogs has been inspiring and I’m busy planning a trip abroad with the kids..keep up the great work…

  3. Wow, nice to come across a fellow traveling-mom blog from the Philippines! Can’t wait to read more about your family adventures with tots in tow 🙂

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