Natural Healing Aids For Travel

I must have been a naturopath or a homeopathic doctor in one of my past lives because I ALWAYS bring an arsenal of potions and balms whenever me and my little tots go on trips.  While I totally believe in … (read more)

3 Reasons Why Should You Travel With Babies

1. TRAVEL FOR FREE (almost!) – Airfares are practically free for kids below 2 years old! Well, there is a minimal fee for taxes which is peanuts compared to a full fare especially on an international one. You get this … (read more)

Meet My Little Globetrotters

Hello! This blog is all about documenting the adventures of my little globetrotters, Santi and Maya. My husband and I share the love of travel and we continue to scratch our itchy feet with our two tots in tow. Our … (read more)